How to install Google Chrome themes

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Install a Chrome theme

You’ll find the Google Chrome themes in the Chrome Web Store. It provides you a large number of themes in it.

Themes Designed by Googles are very helpful and provides your browser a makeover by changing its standard design. The themes of High Contrast are particularly useful, that makes our tabs stand-out more clearly for anyone. Themes that are designed by an artist are more variable in quality and gives you a lot more choices to choose from.

 To check the quality of a particular theme you have to see more details about it like the description from the designer, the last date it was updated and the language it is created for. It’s also helpful to check out the reviews, which will give you an idea of the theme’s overall quality and helps you to get to the problem the theme might have.

Remove a Chrome theme

To reset the Chrome to its default appearance, open the Chrome menu and select the ‘Settings’. Now Choose ‘Appearance’ from the options and then click ‘Reset to default’.

While you are trying different themes there’s no need to reset the Chrome’s appearance again and again. Just choose a different theme and the previous one will automatically be overridden. 

The best Chrome themes

Some of the best Chrome themes we have listed for you.

1. Space
2. Tibi

3. High Contrast Colorful
4. Turkey

5. Canola Flower

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