Huawei Mate 30 was officially banned from using Google apps even before the launch!

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The ongoing dispute between the US and China has resulted in some conflict for Huawei, making it difficult for Chinese smartphones to work with American companies like Google. 

While things started looking up recently when Huawei was offered a 90-day cancellation, Google has now told Reuters (global news and financial information company) that Huawei’s upcoming Mate 30 flagship handset cannot be sold with licensed Googled apps and services.

Huawei ban: the global fallout explained

The reason for this is that the cancellation, offered by the US Government only applies to exist products and deal with partnerships that Huawei has with US companies.

While there is currently no word on whether it will happen, it’s possible for Google to seek an exemption from this ban for specific products. It was recently revealed that over 130 such applications have been submitted to the US Commerce Department, although none of them has yet been granted.

At present, Huawei is still considered the world’s second-largest smartphone maker after Samsung. Although, with the future of its Google support, it could severely impact its hold on the Western market.

Huawei has been developing its own operating system for some time now, but it would take considerable effort for this alternative to reach the same ubiquity of the Google ecosystem.

The Huawei Mate 30 range of smartphones is rumoured to launch sometime in late September, with availability to follow, however, we’ll now have to wait and see if the US-China trade strife causes any delays or not!

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